Contemplation about work-life balance

Hey everyone!

This blog post addresses importance of work-life balance.

Today I did a small experiment on my friend at office who had a lot of tasks assigned to her.I intentionally messed around my friend and from what I saw, I can’t believe how much work stress contributes to anger, resentment, unhappiness. I’m really sad while writing this post about how work can affect person’s life.

I really feel bad that people have to do so much struggle, live hard life etc. and for what ? Just to do living.
I would be lying if I say I didn’t work hard to become a bit better than an average Software Developer. Although that’s a whole different story.

I ain’t saying that one shouldn’t work hard. I just feel that good work life balance is must in the life. Otherwise, with every tick of the clock, some part of you will keep dying with evil drivers like stress, depression and what not.

When I was in college, I never thought about this. I just wanted to join a company with interesting work and yeah of-course good pay check.

I learnt about work-life balance after joining ZScaler as an intern. From my personal experience, work-life balance in Mobile team at ZScaler is quite good. Although that might not be true for other teams but still it’s better than other companies where my friends are working right now.
When I get to know about work culture in companies like Jugnoo, Utrade etc. from my friends, I really feel bad for them. I would never want to join a company, even if they pay me higher than what other pays, where I’m forced to work 9+ hrs daily to meet deadlines or get myself fired if I fail to achieve weekly targets.

I wished world where people work for fun not just to do living. And when work is fun, you won’t feel like working at all. Well that sounds quite like an ideal world. By the way, even if it’s fun, don’t over do that as there’s no exception to old famous proverb : Excess of anything is bad.

Anyway, that’s just what I feel. You might have different views on this topic and if yes, feel free to shoot them out at me.

That’s all for now.
Thanks for reading!