Hello everyone,

Well, again no technical content in this blogpost.

Sorry about the last blogpost!

I was quite sad at that time and next day when I read I was like what the **** I was writing. But still I’m not going to remove it up. It’s true upto some extent ;)

Well back to this blogpost, 9th June was my last day at ZScaler.
I learnt a lot about Computer Networks in my last five months of internship at ZScaler. Even more important than that, I made some really nice friends there. I enjoyed a lot working there.

I sent an informal goodbye email to the beloved ZScaler family and got best wishes from everyone for my future endeavours.

Guess what ? I even got the farewell party from the mobile team.
I’m already feeling nostalgic about those happy moments I spent with my friends at ZScaler. Harman, Rishabh, Tushti - I’m gonna miss you guys a lot.

That’s all for now.
Thanks for reading!