Welcome readers!

Wait, what are you saying ? You mean, “I” promised that I’ll blog every week ? Come on, I don’t remember promising anything like that. Okay, I might have said that while I was in sleep.

(/me hides under the table)

Well, lot of things have changed since the last time I blogged. My todo list is increasing at tremendous rate compared to its burning rate. Putting other things aside from that list, there’s long list of blogs-to-be-written.

Anyway, let’s talk about this blog post.

Yesterday, at around 1:00 AM, I was trying hard to get asleep. Then a random thought came to my mind about moving to Delhi. I thought about moving to Delhi for some weeks, to explore new things, to fight with my fears, to conquer something, to try out different things. Since these days at Leetcode, I was doing work which didn’t require multiple screens, I thought that I’ll be fine without my whole work setup. So, I called my friend, Mohit, immediately and asked him if I can stay at his place in Gurgaon for some time and he talked to his flatmates and I got the green signal.

We left for Delhi same day at around 6:00PM (thanks to him for delaying us!) and we reached around 12:30AM today. Yeah, it took bit longer due to traffic jams as well as speed limit of 110kmph alarm set on my car :(

The moment we entered Gurgoan, I already had found the great difference from the Chandigarh. I found the roads to be bit confusing, we had to take U-turn twice, because we took wrong turn. I learnt about the concept of “Service Roads” in the Delhi which isn’t there in Chandigarh. Also, sorry delhi-ites, my first expression is lot of people here don’t know how to drive. They drive crazily as if they own the roads. No traffic rules, nothing! Seriously.

Also, Mohit told me that there’s Hackathon being conduced in Zomato this weekend. I might be participating in it. It will be my second hackathon till date. I had gone to my first hackathon last year around March as a mentor and it was the experience I could never forget. I slept like just 10 hours in overall span of 40 hours. You don’t believe it, right ? A guy like me who sleeps 8hrs+ regularly can go this insane. Well, I got bit carried away by coffee. ;)

That’s it for now. I’ll try to keep my readers updated with new stuff whenever I get time.

Good bye! o/