Amazing cover photo, right ?

Recently I visited solo to Kheerganga. Yeah, this time I planned to go alone and it was simply an amazing experience!!

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Hello everyone!

I scraped the idea of staying for longer duration at my friend’s place in Gurgoan since I wasn’t able to work properly from there. But I decided to attend tech meetups in Delhi on weekends. This weekend I planned to attend two events which were related to kubernetes and networking.

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Hello everyone!

If you have read my last blog post, you know I attended WWC meetup related to Algo/DS and from there, I came back to my friend’s place at around 3AM. Next morning, there was hackathon in Zomato in which I got myself registered with my friend’s team. We hadn’t even thought about the idea which we were going to build the very next day. I was quite exited about the hackathon and couldn’t wrap around my head around it. I was constantly thinking what should we build and just couldn’t get any sleep. I started by trying to understand company’s business model. I learnt this skill while working in Leetcode, to not only think about the technical part but also think how those developments will affect the business. I researched about Foursquare, Yelp etc and I came up with few ideas.
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Welcome readers!

Since you know I’m in Delhi around this time, I decided to go to meetups happening around here. I checked all the gatherings on and decided to attend ones which I was interested in.

One of them was “DS/Algo group” organised by WWC which aligns with my interests quite nicely. Since it was just 5km away from me, I drove to that place.

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Moving to Delhi

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Welcome readers!

Wait, what are you saying ? No, I don’t remember promising anything about creating a blog post every week. (/me hides under the table)

Well, lot of things have changed since the last time I blogged. My todo list is increasing at tremendous rate compared to its burning rate. Putting other things aside from that list, there’s long list of blogs-to-be-written.

Anyway, let’s talk about this blog post.

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Good-bye ZScaler o/

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Hello everyone,

Well, again no technical content in this blogpost.

Sorry about the last blogpost!

I was quite sad at that time and next day when I read I was like what the **** I was writing. But still I’m not going to remove it up. It’s true upto some extent ;)

Well back to this blogpost, 9th June was my last day at ZScaler.
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